Some Upcoming Shows

If you enjoy laughter & validation, order my new book Depression The Comedy: A Tale of Perseverance

Collingwood Hospital Foundation ~ Blue Mountain, June 3, 2018 cgmhf

HBC Golf Tournament ~ Milton, June 6, 2018

Winnipeg Comedy Festival ~ now on

The Lady Ball ~ Halifax, Sept 27, 2018 details tba

Jessica Lately

After 4 years of procrastinating, I’m thrilled to say I’ve completed my book! It’s called Depression The Comedy. Guess what it’s about? Available all over the place on April 24. Click the link on the homepage to find out more! In other news, Leah Cameron tossed me into the teaser for her web series The Communist’s Daughter – a hilarious coming of age story. Link is above. And in general, between being a mom and watching Homeland, I’m a funny Wellness Coach. I don’t meet with clients one on one though, I sneakily insert wellness tips into my stand up comedy. It’s like sneaking broccoli into the chocolate cake batter; good for you and no one is the wiser!

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