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Virtual Comedy & Mental Health keynotes ~ Speakers Spotlight for booking info

Tribute to Canadian Sketch Comedy ~ Toronto ~ Nov 16, 2022 Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame 

The Winnipeg Comedy Festival’s “Discomfort Zone” ~ CBC Gem

Depression The Comedy (which is getting a reprint!!) & I Love Your Laugh are both on amazon & at Indigo

I’ve been making home videos – enjoy some Celine etc!

Depression The Comedy Keynote ~ Heppner, Oregon ~ December 13, 2022

Amica Helping Hands Charity Dinner ~ Royal York Hotel ~ November 3, 2022 Amica Helping Hands

The Communist’s Daughter – streaming on CBC Gem 

Easter Seals Telethon Nov 27, 2022 Easter Seals Telethon LIVE on CBC

Jessica Lately

If you like laughing and dislike NOT laughing, order my new book Depression The Comedy: A Tale of Perseverance

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If you’re new to me or my site, I’m a funny Wellness Coach. I don’t meet with clients one on one though, I sneakily insert wellness tips into my stand up comedy. It’s like sneaking broccoli into the chocolate cake batter; good for you and no one is the wiser! Check out my keynotes at

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