The 60 Minute Perspective Makeover:
Proven Tips to Living an Awesome Life

The secrets of success are the same no matter what business you’re in; and success begins with getting motivated. Inspiration and comedy unite in this 60 minute transformation from “I shoulda…” to
“I will!” Energizing and funny, this call to action combines Jessica’s humor and savvy to deliver motivational insights into:

  • finding greater meaning in your work
  • using positive psychology to be happier day to day
  • setting and reaching your goals
  • learning to laugh at life’s shortcomings

Jessica gives quick, achievable how to’s about these topics and more, in a laugh-out-loud hour of fun. The audience receives great takeaways & follow-up resources to guarantee that Jessica’s presentation makes a meaningful impact.

Laugh it Off and Bring it On

In this funny and inspiring presentation, Holmes shares her hilarious personal anecdotes (whether about being a stuttering, sunburned missionary in Venezuela, or one of the stars of a sketch comedy series), to help others reignite their spark. She presents her insights in a funny, interactive way that is rarely seen on stage. Audiences are motivated to set the bar higher for their personal happiness. Jessica discusses the latest discoveries in the field of positive psychology, how to turn your embarrassments into punch lines, and measurable ways to achieve greater fulfillment and happiness in work and life.

Depression The Comedy

This is a frank and hilarious account of how it took Jessica Holmes two years to get diagnosed as depressed. It started small: she resented “fun stuff” like girls night out, developed a loathing for words like “wellness,” and avoided foods that promised to prolong her life. Even when she yawned her way through an emceeing job for Oprah Winfrey didn’t sound any alarms for her.

By the end of 2013, Jessica slept more than the cat, gave her husband a hall pass, and told her TV agent “hold my calls for six months” before diagnosis. ‎

In the nearly two years that she had transitioned from “cheerleader” to “zombie”, she hadn’t taken stock of how far she had veered from her ideal life of fulfilment and gratitude.

Jessica’s story, which has a deeply happy ending, relates to anyone who has ever been on a downhill trajectory, whether with health, relationships, or career, who forgot to stop and ask “where am I?”


Whether in English, French, or a mix of the two, Holmes provides a memorable performance filled with great off the cuff moments and interactions with the audience. By researching your company in advance of the big day, she’s able to custom tailor the show and incorporate your companies’ values into her performance. Weaving comedy in and out, Holmes maintains a great pace throughout the event, never losing sight of the bottom line: it’s your special event, and it deserves to be extraordinary!


As a former cast member of the Royal Canadian Air Farce and having written and starred in her own sketch comedy series The Holmes Show, this Second City grad honed her ability to skewer celebrities such as the larger-than-life Céline Dion. With a flurry of wig changes, Jessica brings her talents to the stage with this interactive performance. She has brought the house down opening for icons like Jerry Seinfeld, Leslie Nielsen, and Ellen Degeneres.


“You were amazing at moving from hilarious comedy immediately into your role as our Master of Ceremonies while maintaining an air of dignity throughout the event – “just what we had hoped for…”! You were a delight to work with and we have received nothing but rave reviews since the event – thanks in large part to your role in the evening…”

– The Royal Ottawa Health Care Foundation

“You were an enormous hit and we are receiving continuous positive comments from your performance and the concept of having a professional taking care of our audience in such a professional way.”

– The Credit Valley Hospital Foundation

“Once again you outdid yourself. You were absolutely brilliant and everyone loved you! Thank you so much for pulling it off in such a short time – the mark of a true pro. Now if I could only book you for every show we do!”

– Krista Slack & Associates

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