Healthy 5

Adding one of these 5 minute recipes and workouts to your day can make you feel reenergized, strong and healthy!

The Recipes

These are quick, improvised recipes to increase the amount of healthy fruit, veggies and fibre you eat. You fill up more on the good stuff, you eat less of the bad stuff.

The Workouts

sexydanceThese short semi-Tabata-style workouts are just a fancy form of high intensity interval training (HIIT). It’s the on/off intervals that make it so effective compared with traditional workouts: they can boost your metabolism, and strengthen & define your muscles. I do 8-12 minutes a few times a week to enhance the basketball and soccer I play. *Note: I am NOT a personal trainer or fitness expert, so go at your own pace, and for heaven sakes, check with your doctor to see if your heart is up to the challenge before you go starting these strenuous, challenging exercises!!

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